Corporate Communications

EWC’s strategic counselors become intimately familiar with your organization and brand. This familiarity ensures EWC delivers uniform communications, strengthened community ties and proactive counsel to manage crisis situations.

EWC’s Corporate Communications Arsenal

Internal/Employee Communications: What makes the difference between an average brand and a great one? Employees who actively and enthusiastically engage in delivering the unique value proposition, every day. Your employees have the potential to reinforce or contradict your brand positioning with every conversation to a customer, friend or family member. EWC understands how to bring corporate cultures “alive.”

Reputation Management: Reputation management communications convey what an organization stands for within its industry and in its operating communities. It is more powerful than public relations or branding alone, because it is the sum of their parts.

By uncovering and understanding an organization’s reputational assets as well as the differentiators that distinguish it from competitors, our reputation communications programs build trust among constituents, generate customer loyalty and bolster employee performance.

Crisis Communication: Tylenol. Firestone tires. Tiger Woods. Toyota. A reporter calls with difficult questions. You receive notice of a government investigation.  Perhaps a key client becomes dissatisfied and prepares to pull millions of dollars in business. Crisis arrives in many forms and frequently at the most inopportune moments. Reacting properly to a crisis literally can mean the difference between long-term industry respect & profitability or a painful slide out of existence.

EWC possesses a stellar record of guiding C-suite executives through such public policy and major crises as the lingering aftermath of the Bhopal, India chemical accident; asbestos litigation; global tobacco industry litigation; labor strikes; Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues; shareholder litigation; illegal chemical dumping that contributed to a child cancer cluster; chemical plant explosions; and workplace fatalities.

EWC draws on its vast experience as “PR Firefighters” to develop a crisis plan for its clients that will determine, in advance, how the company will react if and when a crisis occurs. Crisis plans assess an organization’s overall preparedness – culturally and logistically – for dealing with a crisis, identify strengths and weaknesses and detail appropriate responses and programs for the organization as it manages and recovers.

Community Relations: How do you know if you’re getting value out of your community, civic or trade activities? Let EWC’s team of strategic counselors and certified Six Sigma black belts structure your community involvement campaign the same way you should manage all other PR campaign, based on measurable results.

Government Relations: EWC has extensive experience working with government and is well positioned to provide advice and counsel on how to navigate bureaucracy. In addition to lobbying, our strategic counselors can develop a strategic plan that organizes resources and gets your message across to the officials and policy makers who make the decisions. Using our extensive government experience, our clients are able to achieve their legislative and regulatory goals in a highly effective manner.

M&A Communications: The success of an M&A deal is measured in much more than just dollars and cents; everyone working in an M&A environment also needs to consider employee loyalty, corporate culture and brand equity.

While Wall Street investment and industry analysts typically become a focal point, history shows poor communication between people at all levels of the organization, and between the two organizations that are merging, is one of the principal reasons why mergers fail.

Drawing upon communication strategies created for more than $15 billion in M&A value, EWC understands the risks inherent during M&A activities and works to maintain the integrity of the deal and the velocity of the business — all while providing the media, analysts, regulators, shareholders, partners, employees, suppliers and customers with a compelling and straightforward narrative.

Litigation PR: Litigation public relations is a specialized discipline requiring a thorough understanding of the legal process, the sophisticated nature of lawsuits and the litigators who bring them.

Possessing two decades of experience, EWC senior counselors are uniquely able to grasp the substantive law underlying the claims within a case in order to craft the appropriate strategy that achieves a client’s individual goals.

Litigation outcomes necessitate aggressive PR efforts to reinforce an organization’s reputation and capitalize on its potential growth opportunities.

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