Marketing Communications

Public relations involves much more than publicity.

Clients seeking integrated marketing communications that drive revenue and profits turn to EWC. We know how to reach the audiences that are important to you and keep their interest. The integrated programs we develop help our clients establish — and maintain — marketplace leadership within rapidly changing environments.

Business-to-Business Marketing: Most businesses today are “business-to-business” enterprises whose universe of customers is relatively small compared to the vast North American consumer public.

The key to successful B2B communication lies in the analysis of what employees, the media, customers and suppliers think about your organization. Once the EWC strategist gathers that research to benchmark and set measureable goals, possible tactics include email campaigns, Internet advertising, direct mail, print advertising, news publicity, special events, collateral materials, trade show displays & support, promotional items and other focused media.

Branding: It’s more than buzz word, it means being known for what you want to be known for, and it is as old as commerce itself.

Modern branding techniques start with a definition of where the company is and where it wants to go — a coherent business plan. From that plan, EWC consultants develop a visual image or “look” and a personality or tone for the company.

Brand identity depends on repeated reinforcement of the link between the company or firm name with the services or products it sells. Consistency is therefore crucial to success.

Every point of contact your brand has with the public, stationary, business cards, brochures, in store displays office signage, logos, slogans, taglines, identity standard guidelines, Web site, press releases, brochures, ads, mailings, and sound bites must be presented consistently according to your brand standards. Repetition is the key to effective branding.

Advertising: EWC offers a diverse group of traditional and non-traditional advertising vehicles to generate sales and brand awareness. We create print, radio, internet and television advertisements with your ideal customer or consumer in mind. Our approach is to listen, conduct the research and work closely with those who know your company inside and out. We promote your product or service creatively, utilizing impactful images and clean copy.

Sports Marketing: EWC creates strategies to help clients enhance their brands through associations with athletes, athletic events, products and sporting properties so clients align their campaign objectives within the framework of the company’s mission and philosophy.

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