Digital Marketing Services

Companies are marketing in a fast and ever-changing landscape where the lines between real and virtual marketplaces are regularly blurred. A brand is no longer solely defined by its owner, but also by the sum of all conversations taking place online among its customers.

How do you develop and integrate the technology, graphics, words, and tone to strengthen your brand, create an exceptional user experience, promote strong two-way communications, and deliver the results your investment warrants? If you currently have an Internet, Intranet, or Extranet site, EWC can help you make it better. If you do not, EWC can develop it with compelling content, form, function, and a smart strategy. We can also create a high-impact promotional strategy to drive traffic to your current site.

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Search Engine Optimization: When working with a new client, our SEO firm begins with research, conversations with the owner and management staff and working with them to learn more about their customers and business model.

To optimize a site effectively and generate results, EWC develops solutions and methods to expand beyond simply driving traffic to the site. Our SEO solutions must also generate the right search engine traffic, from the right people, to the right pages, so they can make the right action. We call this conversion — buying a product, calling your office, maybe downloading your white paper, or subscribing to your newsletter. Whatever your goals are, we help your site work better.

Local Search Analysis: For some businesses, the search traffic depends on local searches, or geolocation. For example, “SEO firm in Middlebury, CT” or “Search Engine Optimization, Vernon, CT.” Here, EWC strategically refines your keyword search terms until you obtain a desirable page ranking on the major search engines.

SEO Site Analysis: If you’re not getting the search engine traffic you believe you should, EWC can support you several ways. First, by conducting a site review, EWC can learn where your site ranks for selected search terms. Second, EWC can provide you with a strategy for improving your rankings that your webmaster executes. Third, EWC will implement the findings for you.

Website Traffic Consulting and Monitoring: If you having trouble making sense of your web traffic logs, EWC will monitor and analyze traffic to your website as well as use a combination of public relations, link building and search trends to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your site.

Social Media Marketing: Combining EWC’s core expertise, Internet Marketing and Public Relations, Social Media Marketing focuses upon areas of the Internet where “people” or “organizations” can create content, rather than the traditional media. This is sometimes referred to as Web 2.0.

Why Invest in Social Media?: Social media and Web 2.0 content is created and consumed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide from virtually every socio-economic background. On Facebook, more than XX% of the people are older than 25, and XX% have a household income greater than $60,000!

EWC can also help clients leverage networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and various industry specific networks and online communities to improve relationships with your business colleagues, customers, and suppliers.

Social networks aren’t the only part of Social Media Marketing though. EWC can also help you develop business blogs, online video campaigns, podcasts, stunts that bloggers will write about, Squidoo lenses, HubPages, and even syndicated articles that will appear in other people’s blogs and newsletters with links to your website, promoting your business as an industry expert!

Social Media Marketing Campaigns: Social media is easy to get started but can be a waste of time if you do it without a strategy. EWC develops a strategy that is unique for your company and designed to accomplish your specific goals.

Tracking your Social Media Campaign: Tracking results is the most important part of any social media marketing campaign. EWC consultants can either track results and provide a monthly analysis or provide instruction to your staff to ensure your campaign is providing results and your investment isn’t wasted.

If you are interested in a consulting session with Evolving World Communications, please contact Sean Clancy, Managing Director at (908) 272.8507 or send a message using our Contact Form. We will promptly respond.