Public Relations

Public Relations “PR” propels business success.

Financially, public relations provides the best ROI of all marketing methods. By utilizing third-party media and working with journalists who seek sound news to report, the message platform EWC develops for your business builds highly credible brand “buzz” for your company, products/services and industry.

Nonprofits, small companies and growing organizations seeking to increase their brand image visibility in our media-saturated world are typically counseled to execute both public relations and advertising strategies.

When budgets are tight, however, the highest ROI comes from allocating most of their dollars to public relations. Here are three reasons why:

· Financial considerations:  PR is cost effective, while advertising is often prohibitively expensive.

· PR can create excitement and buzz through an effective media strategy that advertising cannot match without multiple placements.

· The subtlety and credibility with which editorial content is placed by PR professionals gives it more influence over consumers while advertising is viewed with more skepticism.

In sum, public relations paves the way to maximize the effectiveness of advertising for larger organizations but advertising alone cannot substitute for a lack of meaningful public relations strategy.

Al Ries, best-selling author of “The Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR,” says one can look at the marketing success stories of Starbucks, Red Bull, Harry Potter, and Google to support the overriding importance of public relations.

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